Happy Anniversary JL Aerial Views!!!

It is hard to believe that a little over a year ago, JL Aerial Views had their first drone pilot job! It feels like a life time ago because we have been on so many amazing adventures with the company since! While we have been busy trying to get the business off the ground (pun fully intended) for the Cincinnati Tri-State area, we have learned a lot of valuable information along the way. Information that we want to share with you!

JL Aerial Views is going to be documenting our stories in our blog section of our website and sharing them on social media. There is going to be a little bit of something for everyone! We have so many topics that we are going to talk about and tips & tricks to share:

  • Starting a small business

  • Working with your spouse (yes, we get on each others nerves ;-P. More importantly, it's so rewarding working as a team!)

  • Working from home

  • Creating a logo

  • Flying a drone commerically

  • What it is like getting drone piloting jobs through drone aggregator sites

  • Which drone aggregator site is right for my business?

  • Creative ways to market your business

  • How we are slowly becoming a rapid response drone team! JLAV has found 3 dogs in 2022!

  • What do watercolors and other crafts have to do with a drone company?

  • ...and so much more!!!

Stay tuned to the JL Aerial Views website for all of this amazing information! Help us out by liking and sharing! We also love hearing from you, let us know what you think and what topics you want us to talk about!

Here's looking to a new view for 2022. WHO DEY!!!

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